"I don’t know what terrible things you’ve done in your life up to this point, but clearly your kharma’s out of balance to get assigned to my class. I am Professor Annalise Keating and this is Criminal Law 100 or, as I prefer to call it, How To Get Away With Murder. Unlike many of my colleagues, I will not be teaching you how to study the law or theorize about it, but rather how to practice it, in a court room, like a real lawyer.”

The FILM LOVER CHALLENGE A.K.A. COUCH POTATO CHALLENGE. List 15 movies that you love as fast as you can! Then tag 5 humans. Non-humans are okay too.

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  1. Amelie
  2. The Princess Bride
  3. Indiana Jones Trilogy
  4. The Lion King
  5. Road to El Dorado
  6. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  7. Secret of Kells
  8. Stick It
  9. Hook
  10. Do the Right Thing
  11. The Fall
  12. Some Like it Hot
  13. Lilo and Stitch
  14. Les Choristes
  15. Gravity

Augh, I timed myself, just under 5 minutes. jk i cheated and sat in front of my dvd shelves mwahaha

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The way I see it is … we say it was self-defence. And we do that because … well, Gina was suffering from … Stockholm Syndrome. Which is actually quite common in assistants with demanding bosses. The affair was just an example of how far Mr Kaufman’s …brainwashing of Gina went. He … made her fall in love with him. So in this way her … poisoning him was … an act of self-defence.

TV Talk

How to Get Away with Murder was just….better than I expected. So much better. So much amazing. Viola’s acting was intense and spectacular.

Mystery-y drama-y goodness all around. And lots of great representation. I can’t wait to see where they go with all this. It’s soooo gooooddd. 

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Bold what applies to you! ~

You have watched at least 20 Disney movies.
You have watched at least 40 Disney movies.
You don’t eat dairy.
You work best at night time.
You take a selfie almost every day. 
You laugh at the end of your sentences.
You wink at people.
You hate being tickled.
You want to travel the world in a boat.
You want to travel the world in a hippie wagon.
Your hair is fluffy.
Your hair is sleek.
Your hair is an artificial colour.
You get takeout at least once per week.
You dislike the general public.
You have been caught sleepwalking.
You sleep with a plushie.
You have eaten an entire block of cheese in one sitting.
You have eaten a red hot chilli pepper.
You draw hearts on top of your i’s.
You have watched an episode of My Little Pony.
You have a crush on someone who knows you.
You keep plants in your room.
You collect music CDs.
You take vitamin supplements.
You read mostly non-fiction.
You go on Tumblr every day without fail.
You have published a YouTube video.
You have a fandom blog. 
You have eaten Pocky.
You can play the cello. 
You can play the harp.
You prefer vampires to zombies.
You prefer zombies to vampires.
You have been described as naive.
You have been described as suspicious.
You have had a stalker.
You like going to school.
You have a pear-shaped body.
You have an apple-shaped body.
You have sensitive teeth.
You like your job.
You have a slow internet connection.
Your phone is not a touch phone.
You are the dominant one in the relationship.
You like watercolour painting.
You like playing the drums.
You are scared of loud noises.
You eat food in your bed.
You are shy but not quiet.
You are quiet but not shy.
You plan a lot of parties.
You have an alter ego.
You are good with money.
You are afraid of intimacy. 
You normally have dinner after 8pm.
You normally wear high heels.
You have been grounded more than once.
You have never seen Shrek.
You have won a trophy.
Your favourite ice cream flavour is mint.
Your favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla.
Your favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry.
You are good at sports.
You have a skin care routine.
You are a D-cup or larger.
You have long legs and arms.
You add ketchup to everything.
You have an anime figurine.
You have danced and not cared who saw it.
You want to go into outer space.
You want to rule the world.
You constantly hurt somewhere.
You are scared of mice.
You are scared of horses.
You are scared of butterflies.
You have one or more moles on your face.
You are good with children.
You have learning difficulties.
You drink at least 7 pints of water per day.
You want to be a singer in a band.
You have bought a frame for a special picture.
Your favourite Disney Princess isn’t Belle, Ariel or Rapunzel.
You prefer to watch than participate.
You have dark skin.
You have dated 5 or more people.
You have been told you are a cool person.
You have been told you are a scary person.
You are doing this post because you are bored.




While Liz was visiting, we went to the Byodo-in Temple, where she pulled a Snow White and fed birds right out of her hand. We saw this piggy in the gift shop, and it was so adorable I got tears in my eyes just looking at him.

When Kit and Liz and I wandered through Chinatown later, we saw the very same piggy in the very back of a maze-like curio shop, and I had to have him. Kit bought him for me, and he is one of the best toys I’ve ever owned.

"This one’s for happiness," said the shop girl. It’s true. I can’t look at him without feeling happier! I hope this makes you a little happier, too.

Remember this happy pig? I love him! He’s still sitting right here next to my keyboard, being the happiest piggy in the world.



I was tagged by andquitefrankly


Name: Emily
Birthday: January 3rd
Favourite colour: Violet
Lucky number: 24
Height: 5’6” Average, like my personality
Talents: Alphabetizing, some would say cooking, forgetting random things that seem innocuous at first but actually cause bad stuff to happen down the road, and I guess drawing 

Last dream you remember: I had a dream a couple nights ago that my childhood best friend, who i haven’t even thought about for years bc she ended up being a bully,  was having an affair with my 3D animation professor….Idk it was dumb. why does my brain do dumb things.

Can you juggle: not at all. I have the hand-eye coordination of a bat. 
Art/sports/both: I eat and breathe art. I enjoy staring at sports sometimes. 
Do you like writing: I like writing for myself. Not really for others because I suck at it.
Do you like dancing: Not around others no.
Do you like singing: I used to be a mezzo soprano and then college happened and now I’m definitely an alto. A poorly trained alto.


Dream vacation: It’s totally cliche but any tropical island. Jamaica, Bahamas, Hawaii. Sand and sea and sun. 
Dream person: Idris Elba. That.
Dream pet: Alpaca
Dream job: Free-lance animator
Fave album: The Amelie Soundtrack
Last song you heard in the radio: Bang Bang - Ariana Grande? Idk who its by
Least favourite song:that stupid blurred lines song by Robin Thicke
Least favourite album: idk like anything by miley cyrus
Least favourite artist: .too many


Guys/Girls/Both: All of the above
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Humorous/Serious: Humorous, always. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you will obviously not enjoy my intense love for singing old Muppet Show songs and quoting Mel Brooks movies without context and i just cannot have that. 
Tall/Short: Either or, I don’t care. Maybe I guess not really tall? like if I can’t give your cheek a surprise kiss, what’s the point? idk  
Biggest Turn-Off: If you believe in the friendzone. If you smoke cigs. If you don’t believe in feminism. If you don’t believe in trans-inclusive, inter-sectional  feminism. If you call me m’lady or darling or hon unironically without knowing me for longer than a year. *gags* if you’re *horks* republican *barfs*  
Biggest Turn-On: Hands.  

Tags? Idk ramblingredrose, uuuhhh miskret if you haven’t already done it, aaannnndd idk anyone else who wants to do it.